Zur Dynamik der frühen Reformbewegung in Graubünden: Staats-, kirchen- und privatrechtliche Erlasse des Dreibündestaates 1523-1526

Martin Bundi


The article concerns a series of legal decrees made between 1523 and 1526 by the three free states of Churrätien – today the region of Graubünden. Influenced by the early reform movement these legal decisions affected both church and private law, and vestrymen were instrumental in creating them. At the same time, the representatives also constructed a new Federal Charter to replace the older and less cohesive alliance with a federation. The proclamation of faith from 1526 stands as one of the greatest achievements from this period because it gave each individual the freedom to choose between the Roman and the Reformed faith.


Drei Bünde; Graubünden; Reformation; Sieben Artikel; 18 Bündner Artikel; Ilanzer Artikel; Bundesbrief; Ilanzer Religionsgespräch; Michael Gaismair; Religionsfreiheit

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