Der Reformpolitiker Martin Seger (ca. 1470–1532) von Tamins/Maienfeld: Reisläufer, Staatsmann und Publizist im Reformationszeitalter

Martin Bundi


This article on Martin Seger aims to revive the memory of a personality who played an important role as mercenary leader, politician, poet, and publisher in the Free State of the Three Rhaetic Leagues in the sixteenth century. Born in Tamins of the Grey League, Martin Seger occupied the post of governor of Maienfeld. From here he maintained amicable contact to learned humanists as well as being in contact with the Zurich reformer Huldrych Zwingli. Without attending university, he was highly educated, which enabled him to publish widely on questions of constitutional law as well as on projects concerning social innovations and ecclesiastical reforms.


Martin Seger; Grisons; Reformation

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