Wilhelm Reublin als Kopist: Die Abschrift des Arzneibuchs des Johann Poll, Znaim 1549

Martin Rothkegel


Wilhelm Reublin, a pioneer of Zurich Anabaptism who played an important role in Southwestern Germany and Moravia, lived from 1535 until his death (ca. 1559) in the South Moravian town of Znojmo after his retreat from anabaptist congregational life. To support himself, he took on occasional jobs, among others work as a copyist of Latin texts. It is highly likely that part of the manuscript Pharmacopoeia, cod. 11410 in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, is in his hand.


Wilhelm Reublin; Znaim (Znojmo, Moravia, Czech Republic); Johannes Poll (flor. 1541); Austrian National Library, Vienna, cod. 11410

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