Reformation als Auftrag: Der Zürcher Drucker Christoph Froschauer d.Ä. (ca. 1490-1564)

Urs B. Leu


Reformation and printing belong together in Zurich from the very beginning. Apart from the fact that Froschauer and Zwingli were personally close, all the important Reformation imprints of Zurich, as well as dozens of Bibles and Bible parts, were printed by him. With about 760 prints Froschauer is one of the big names in the German-speaking world of publishing. He has printed not only Theologica but also many textbooks and groundbreaking illustrated works. Unfortunately only few handwritten documents have been preserved by Froschauer himself. All the more exciting are the correspondences of various scholars and reformers, which contain a wealth of information about Froschauer and 16th century printing. They not only shed light on Froschauer’s character, but also on the print-runs, the daily production volume of a printing house, the wage structure and the collaboration with the authors.


Christoph Froschauer the Elder; Printing; Book History; Reformation; Zurich

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