Katharina Gmünder – Die Gattin Leo Juds


  • Ariane Albisser


Katharina Gmünder, Leo Jud, Zurich, Reformation, Parish House, St. Peter, Einsiedeln, St. Gallen, Alltagsgeschichte, Female History, Ulrich Zwingli, Anna Reinhardt, Anna Adlischwyler, Marignano


The purpose of this essay is the reconstruction of the biography of Katharina Gmünder-Jud, who had a long and varied life as a16th century woman. Born around 1493 in St. Gallen she entered the sisterhood "Alpegg" after the early death of her father in the battle of Marignano 1515 and dedicated her life to chastity. During her time as a nun she met Leo Jud, whom she married in 1523 and who had convinced her with Lutheran and Erasmian writings to leave the sisterhood. As a dutiful "Pfarrfrau" (wife of a clergy) she supported her husband in his reformation work in Zürich at St. Peter and gave birth to eight children. Only three lived to reach adulthood. After Leo Jud´s death in 1542 she survived him for almost forty years and died in autumn 1583 at an advanced age.

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Ariane Albisser

Universität Zürich




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